Allegiant Part 1 Movie Updates


Alllegiant will be released in March 2016. I’m super excited to see where the Divergent franchise will go but I have set the bar for the next movie quite low because of my disappointment in the Insurgent movie. I understand that with the new director that we got for Insurgent I should have known that the movie might be a little different than  Divergent, which was  directed by Neil Burger, but wasn’t expecting a drastic  change. Even the Harry potter movies, which had many different directors over the 10 years of movies, seemed to be able to keep a steady understanding of the story but with a diffident feel for each movie as the story got darker.  I was mainly upset about not having many scenes about Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn and how crazy the visual effects were.  

Here are some recent stills and updates on the Allegiant Part 1 movie!   



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